Winter Street Malvern Melbourne

POMO was engaged by the Stonnington City Council to design and build an upgrade for a small “pocket park” wedged in between a toy library, a childcare centre and across the street from the local Coles supermarket.

This park featured nothing but two lonely seats and local workers would sit on the ground to have their lunch breaks, teenagers would stand around after school and kids from the facilities either side would pass through. There was nothing that any of these user groups could utilise that catered to their needs.

A solution was required that allowed people to sit while having their breaks, meeting after school or passing through with young kids.

POMO and the council went through POMO’s placemaking design process whereby we engaged with stakeholders and analysed local community profiles and user group needs. We wanted to create something practical and engaging that would also be deliverable on a very tight budget.

We moved through our design-think process and collaboratively visioned the key elements of the installation with council and stakeholders.

This early work set the foundation for a design development process where POMO developed a place-driven community minded response for the park that catered to the different user groups in a practical and spatial way. The use of colour and a nighttime lighting experience helped bring people back to the park and increased the duration of their stay.

POMO worked with local Melbourne contractors to build and install the final outcomes in the park.

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