Dinosaur Sculpture

Bringing an Australian dinosaur to life as a found object metal sculpture.

We were given the job of creating a prehistoric art piece for a project led by our good friends at Vee Design.

We researched the right species, worked out all the anatomical details then created a design for an Australovenator Wintonensis metal sculpture (a uniquely aussie dinosaur unearthed in Winton Qld). We had to work out how it would look, how it would be built, how it would integrate with the site, how it would be transported and installed. Once the design and engineering was done we briefed one of our artists and set about working with him to bring this beast into existence.

The crossover between design and artmaking is the place where we often work. Design can only go so far, it’s the decisions that happen during the fabrication and construction process that can make or break something as unique as this.

Managing the move from paper to real life and having the right people with the technical skills to realise our vision is a unique part of our professional practice.

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