Birtinya Library Placemaking Analysis

Birtinya Library & Arts Development Space Placemaking Analysis

The purpose of this project was to inform the architectural design team of the specific culture, identity and history of the Birtinya area so a design could be generated that was deeply connected to the place.

The report also laid the foundations for a series of short term concepts for activating the currently empty land before development.

The analysis achieved this in four ways:-

  1. It offered a broad research-based overview of the historical framework of the area,
  2. Second, the report outlined contemporary cultural themes through which we could understand the modern- day culture of the area.
  3. We identified exactly who our target audience was and outlined demographic and psychographic characteristics
  4. We applied some preliminary design thinking and we generated design responses that flowed from this data that set the conceptual wheels in motion for the consultants tasked with the place activation strategy, the landscape and the built form architectural responses

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