Are POMO Landscape Architects?

No. We are urban designers that specialise in placemaking design, this is a new field that is a cross between urban design, industrial design and public art. We work with Landscape Architects to compliment what they do.


I’m a Landscape Architect/Architect or Urban Designer, How Can I Work with POMO?

We work together by coming up with a range of ideas for elements, objects and experiences that fit within your landscape design. We work around the edges, but the best way is to start with a unified concept/narrative and we can also help at that early “theme setting” stage. Virtually all of our work is collaborative with people like you working in local government or private sector.


Does POMO do work for private clients or only for public authorities?

As long as the private client is working to create publicly accessible space then yes. We prefer that our work benefits the community at large or at least a large demographic. If you have a private project we are happy to talk about it and see if our involvement meets both of our needs.


What does POMO Stand For?

It is a made up word but if you live in Finland it means boss. We like that. It also has other meanings such as an abbreviation for postmodern. We don’t intend it to have any other meaning outside of itself.


How Does POMO Charge?

We estimate our projects like any other consultant - with an hourly rate that covers our time on your project + and direct expenses. If we are quoting for constructing the items we design we apply a margin to the fees of our project delivery partners - artists, fabricators, makers, tradespeople and so on. Our margin is applied to wholesale prices from our delivery partners, so the end result is a competitive market price.


Is POMO Insured?

Yes, we carry the same level of insurance that architects and engineers carry because the things we design we generally also manage the building for. We have never had a claim against our insurance.