Southport Broadwater Parklands Play Attractor

This project was unveiled in August 2022, having been in the making for over three years. POMO was first involved in the project before it was awarded, then involved in placemaking design and later delivery of a range of custom playground items.


The original design team consisted of POMO, Simone Eisler Artist and the landscape design team from AECOM. Working together we were tasked with conceptualising an iconic playground and defining the approach for an invitational pitch to the client, City of Gold Coast led by AECOM.

The approach that we collectively arrived at was a homage to the place in which the playground was to sit, the Broadwater Estuary at the Gold Coast. This is an area rich with migratory birds, sea life and environmental importance. This place-led approach helped define our concepts for the playground which featured a spiral play tower whose form was influenced by shells found in the area, and a range of custom learning and play experiences all linked back to the surrounding estuary.

The pitch won and we were lucky enough to be awarded the contract to carry out the placemaking design process through schematic and detailed design phases, working alongside and embedded within the larger design being led by AECOM.

The Design

The design process continued to stay true to the place based principles themed around the natural environment of the surrounding estuary. Ideas which evolved into the final design package included:

Not all design work made it through to delivery.

Project Partners

Projects of this size are delivered by large teams, this project was a successful collaboration between a number of key players at the design and delivery stages. As mentioned, POMO worked with Simone Eisler Artist and AECOM, together we conceived the playground concepts, documented by AECOM for the winning pitch. Simone Eisler Artist was involved in the evolution of the design thinking process as a close team member with us during the design development. AECOM led the overall process, incorporating POMO technical drawings and detailed design work into their larger set of drawing packages. POMO managed technical inputs including engineering and disability compliance. Many ideas that have found expression in the final playground have come to fruition through the evolution of the project and through the collective collaboration between these partners.

POMO was then contractually responsible for the delivery of a range of items for the final playground. POMO worked with a number of professionals to achieve detailed bespoke outcomes which were successfully installed. Our project delivery partners included Simone Eisler Artist, David White Artist, Boyd Built Constructions and David Houghton Artist.

Client:  City of Gold Coast
Design Lead & Landscape Architecture:  AECOM Australia
Placemaking Design & Delivery:  POMO
Creative Consultant – Placemaking:  Simone Eisler
Custom Playground Works:  Fleetwood Urban
Lighting and Electrical Design:  LVX Global
Civil Engineering:  Burchills Engineering Solutions
Play Safety Certification:  CCEP
Principal Contractor:  JMac Constructions

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