Miles Streetscape

This project is a collaboration with FourFold Studio, Vee Design and Bark Architects. It involves the revitalisation of the main street of Miles in Western Queensland.

Currently underway, we have been able to collaborate with FourFold to engage with community representatives in order to understand the culture and history of the town. Through this process we were able to build upon a solid foundation of community involvement and gain a deep understanding of the special qualities of this unique community.

This framework has allowed us to design a number of place-specific objects and embellishments that sit neatly in the landscape design for the streetscape.

  • illuminated ceiling panels that sit in an arbour, with artwork or a design treatment that speaks to some of the town’s history
  • a free form timber table fashioned on a hotel bar which burnt down early in the history of the town
  • a vintage rum bottle installation that recounts a tale of local stock drovers stashing rum bottles into trees on their way to and from town with a herd for sale at the yards
  • a wall of greats which will feature carved faces or other elements that are connected to local historical characters
  • a series of reclaimed steel sculptures made by a local artist that speak to the significant wildlife of the area

We look forward to seeing these concepts emerge through detailed design and then delivery in 2021.

Wall of greats timber carvings

Artistic arbour ceiling panels

Long bar table

Vintage rum bottle installation

Local wildlife sculpture

Early concept sketching

Early concept sketching

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