Understanding & Applying Place Character

The Sunshine Coast Urban Corridor

How do we design the public realm around place qualities?

Its not everyday that we can lay claim to a world first but as far as we know this is the first report of its kind in the world. So what is it exactly?

It’s a manual for designers and policy makers that are working in any kind of built environment design on the Sunshine Coast.

The purpose of the manual is to introduce those people to the coastal character of a number of distinct areas across the region, then, armed with an intimate knowledge of the history, culture and identity of those areas the manual provides actionable directions as to how one might go about creating a design that is in-keeping with the place in which it exists.

The manual does this by outlining concepts and themes that are unique to each area and details concepts can be interpreted by professionals during the design process.

In doing so the manual provides a world-first, practical approach to designing for unique place Characteristics.

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