High Street Armadale Melbourne

POMO was engaged by the Stonnington City Council to design and build a temporary installation that would sit on High Street - a street well known as a destination for high end shopping and personal services. A solution was required that allowed people to sit while waiting for appointments in nearby businesses.

POMO and the council went through POMO’s placemaking design process whereby we engaged with stakeholders, analysed local identity, history and culture through a design-think process and collaboratively visioned the key elements of the installation.

This early work set the foundation for a design development process where POMO developed a place-driven response for the installation that was connected to the shapes, colours, materials and finishes of the urban environment of Armadale. Specifically the design emerged from an analysis of the architectural features of a typical Armadale home’s courtyard and the surrounding public realm urban design.

POMO worked with local Melbourne contractors and suppliers in Queensland to build and install the final outcomes in the street.

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