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Placemaking – Design and Construct

We are passionate about helping to create public places that deliver real benefits to the communities in which they exist.

Working directly for local government or partnering with landscape architecture firms - our approach is collaborative and driven from the bottom up - beginning ideally with wide stakeholder engagement.

We combine engagement with deep analysis and research which allows us to formulate a nuanced and locally relevant understanding of place.

Our creative urban design team is driven by this strategic framework. We collaborate with our clients, partners and stakeholders to develop highly creative, bespoke expressions of local history, culture and identity that appear in the public domain.

We fully document all aspects of our design work, partner with electrical and engineering specialists where needed, and issue construction documentation. We then carry out all aspects of project management and project delivery, often partnering with local creatives, artists, makers and hand picked tradespeople who understand our unique approach.

We believe in sourcing local, often sustainable materials and working with people who are part of the communities in which each project is occurring. Our approach ensures not only that our work contributes economically to these places but is also embraced and loved by people for whom the work is ultimately created for.

If you are part of an upcoming urban design project and you are looking to give your proposal a unique edge, or inject your work with fine-grained, bespoke, creative expressions of place then POMO’s experienced and collaborative team of placemaking designers would love to hear from you.

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