Lindsay Wine Estate


A complete brand exploration and expression.

Sometimes in life it pays to take advice. Lindsay Wine Estate had a powerful brand story, a rich business history and a wonderful product - they just needed someone to unearth it all, pull it all together and help them express it.

Their brand was the result of a strategic brand exploration process, visioning and co-design workshops. A beautiful award winning website was also created that’s a testament to the fact that a good process will always drive a good design outcome.


This project involved not just designing a brand but creating a full customer service experience. This involves helping the client to identify and design every touch point between customer and brand - what should that experience be like? How should it look, feel and work? What will each of those experiences communicate to people about the brand? How do we ensure that they get the right messages?

To be successful, this type of project requires a deep level of brand analysis and strategy. Working with POMO, the team at LWE was guided through POMO’s unique strategy-driven branding methodology.

The aim of this process is to define in great detail each and every aspect about the brand and the brand’s deep connection to the values and drivers of the business. Through workshops and research, POMO wrote a highly detailed and completely customised Brand Strategy for LWE which was contained in a formal document presented to the LWE Directors.

This document represented powerful expression of the fundamentals of the business and its expression through the brand. This document is the strategic starting point for any branding project undertaken by POMO.  POMO was then able to undertake creative design work which was aimed at creating the formal expressions of the brand.

LWE wanted to create a unique cellar door experience for their winery, capturing the attention and imagination of Barossa visitors and locals. This was the initial commercial focus for the company. POMO worked with LWE to develop concepts for the cellar door experience that would be unique in the region.  The cellar door experience was aimed at expressing LWE’s core brand values of artistry, creativity and celebration. It also needed to embody LWE’s cultural brand foundations - connection to local terroir, history and the Barossa wine tradition.

By taking an advisory role, POMO was able to influence and steer the interior design and landscape design process to ensure that decisions were made by these designers that appropriately communicated LWE’s brand messaging. Working in a cross-disciplinary, collaborative fashion POMO was able to ensure that these physical expressions of their brand were on-point and done in a curated and careful manner.

POMO also designed and built LWE’s website with online ordering capability. Producing and art directing a photoshoot to tie in with the strategic brand direction was a cornerstone to the success of the website design project. The site captures the brand essence of LWE and tells their unique story.

POMO's strategy for Lindsay Wine Estate branding.



New brand design, driven by customised brand strategy.


Unique and compelling brand design across all customer touch points.


Brand solution has driven expansion into new local and international markets.


POMO's cross disciplinary experience meant the brand could be expressed in landscape, signage and interior design.

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