Fix Your Struggling Town - A Community Driven Process

In May 2020 POMO set about establishing a community action group in Nambour. The group is comprised of community members from a wide range of backgrounds who are generating bottom-up solutions to the challenges that the town faces.

POMO’s Design Director Stephen Burton is leading and facilitating this program which runs across a number of months. At the end, a document will be created that outlines key problems and a range of solutions. Importantly, this document has been created by community members who come into contact with these challenges on a daily basis and are therefore uniquely placed to understand the issues and offer solutions.

Community lead urban problem solving is a rapidly emerging field which draws attention to the role that everyday people can play in making better towns and cities.

This is a participatory process involving a design thinking framework that is being trailed by POMO with a view to rolling the process out to other communities facing similar challenges to Nambour.

The program is completely pro bono and is part of POMO’s community benefit commitment.

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