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How To Say Thank You Via Social Media

It’s time to share the love and to remember to say “thank you” in creative ways throughout the year. Thank you to your acquaintances, your colleagues and your clients.  The ‘thank-you’ is necessary in expressing gratitude and in business it can be a profitable strategy. It makes people feel appreciated and acknowledged. Potentially it makes your customers want to spend more money with you and chances are they will spread positive word-of-mouth advertising about you and your company when talking to other colleagues or prospects. Finally, it leaves you, yourself with a sense of satisfaction also. If you are thinking of those you are thankful for, be sincere and express it. The littlest gestures will make YOU feel good.

Here are 5 ways to say thank you via social media

1. Showcase the team. Get creative and post a fun group shot of all your team members and an inspiring thank you note. Post on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, wherever your peers, supporters and clients congregate online. Or get inspired and make a team video saying thank you in an amazingly creative way.  Who knows, it may go viral!  Here’s one idea on Youtube

2. Celebrate Milestones and public holidays. Have a competition or giveaways when you reach a certain  number of likers or followers, make a special video or design new graphics, all to thank your fans for being part of your community and growing with you. Show your partners and consumer base that you appreciate them with an out-of-the-box thank you campaign this holiday season.

3. Endorse someone on LinkedIn or write a recommendation. This may be for a valued person who has impressed you or someone you can genuinely vouch for their work.  Mention his or her skills and expertise and be personable in your writing.  Again this is a great way to share the love and pay-it-forward, especially if the person’s been helpful to you.

4. Give out some Tweet Thanks. There are numerous ways to say thank you on Twitter.  Retweet someone’s tweets with a comment that shows you’ve thought about the discussion and can add to it. Follow clients and valued people on Twitter.  This is important since it helps build a communications channel. And of course, give colleagues a shout out on Twitter. Memes like  #MarketerMondays and #FollowFridays are great for this.

5.  Share a post or  give a shout out in a blog post with link to their social media profile.  How nice does a pat on the back feel? That’s what sharing a post feels like for a job well done. In return it can grow and nourish a positive relationship into the new year.  This is a great way to show your appreciation by spotlighting someone. Here is an example where we give a shout out in a recent blog post to Jo Herbert from  Show Me The Love and she really appreciated us showing her some love.

If you have any great ideas, please share them with us.

Right now seems like a good time for me to express my gratitude to all my readers. Thank you for all the support and the love shared through your comments and messages and even the humble “like ” button on Facebook.

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