Less than one in three marketers have adequate social media marketing skills Oct22


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Less than one in three marketers have adequate social media marketing skills

A major study of Australian marketing and agency professionals has revealed digital media skill sets in the industry are incredibly low and major training is required to bring these skills up to scratch.

The Digital IQ Index Survey has found that across eight key digital marketing categories, including social media, search, mobile and display, only 28 per cent of respondents possessed the necessary range of skills for their role.

The results, which were collected from June to September of this year, also revealed only four per cent of staff were ‘very familiar’ with social media marketing, while 11 per cent said they were ‘not familiar at all’ with the platform.

The low percentage of digital-savvy marketers continued across all key categories, with search and mobile having just six and three per cent respectively.

Lisa Harrison, developer of Australia’s only accredited social media marketing training course and Pomo director, said this was a shocking result and suggested companies need to pull up their socks or they may fall behind on the world stage.

“There is close to one billion users on Facebook today,” Mrs Harrison said.

“If you’re company isn’t on there already, you can be sure people are talking about you anyway. If your staff are not equipped with the right tools to deal with feedback and followers on social media platforms such as Facebook you could be passing up customers to competitors who have these resources.”

Results from the survey also unveiled 70 per cent of people in digital media and marketing roles admitted to having no online experience prior to their current role. Seventy two percent of staff admitted to being uncomfortable with their current level of digital skills, while just five per cent said they were very comfortable.

Hundreds of Brisbane and Sunshine Coast business people have undergone training with Mrs Harrison to develop their Social Media skills and apply them in their workplaces.

“With the proper training, people from any industry can take control of their social media presence and start to build healthy online communities of brand-advocates.”

“We provide a comprehensive guide to promoting your business online with Australia’s first and only fully accredited Certificate IV in Social Media Marketing. If you have a business and want to learn how to take it to the next level in the social media sphere or you’re looking for a career change classes will begin in February of 2013,” Mrs Harrison said.

The Certificate IV consists of ten units and learning is classroom-based. Government-supported places are also available.

Seeing as 83 percent of respondents to this survey also said they believed digital marketing would become more important over the next 12 months, why not register today?

More info: www.secretstosocialmediamastery.com.au

Digital Chameleon surveyed 350 respondents who work for agencies, media businesses and brands hailing from QLD, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.



This blog is published by POMO – a creative agency specializing in customer engagement based in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia.